Youth Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

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Teaching the youth to defend themselves, how to be disciplined, how to work with others and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle is best learned young.  We will have multiple instructors on the mat whenever we can to ensure the children get as much attention as possible. There are many years of youth instruction among our ranks and this program is the right program for your kids.

Stop by and see what we are all about, 1 week free trial also applies to youth. Minimum age is 8, however communicate with us and we can make exceptions as some kids mature faster than others. A Gi will be required for the Monday and Wednesday classes and for Friday No Gi shorts and a Tee are fine but looser the shirt, the harder it is to work with. We have loaner Gis for first timers.

6 PM - 7:10 PM
5 PM
6 PM to 7:10 PM
Friday (No Gi)
7:15 PM