Dave Leon

I started my martial arts journey when I was fifteen years old by taking classes in taekwondo. I worked my way through the belts and eventually earned my black belt in taekwondo and practiced it for twenty years. I began taking classes in Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 2010. I received my black belt in Judo in 2015 from Sensei Mike Arcuri of Team Combat. I am Kodokan and USJF Certified. I earned my purple belt in 2016 from Thiago Abud of Unity. One of my most cherished moments in my martial arts journey is when I won the Northeast Championship in Judo as a black belt. I am extremely passionate about the art of Judo and I am glad to be able to share my love and passion for the art by running and coaching the 410 Judo Program. When I am not doing martial arts, I am enjoying the good ol’ retired life that every police officer deserves. I served as a police officer in New York for 24 years: 5 years at NYPD and 19 years at Glen Cove Police Department. I have a beautiful wife and two adult children who I enjoy spending time and building memories with. As an instructor, I am dedicated to bringing the best and most relevant Judo information to my students to curate a successful program. I look forward to continuing my coaching career with my students and fellow coaches at 410!

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